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Atulyansh Technology Is a Best Digital Marketing institute in Meerut. We provide Best Coaching For Digital Marketing In Meerut. Atulyansh Technology is a private limited company which is established in 2010. We provide a complete solution in the field Of Information Technology, Digital Marketing, Online Marketing, Social Media Markeing, and Website Develpment services. we also provide the service for the software development.

What we teach in Digital marketing institute in Meerut- Atulyansh Technology

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we are providing training with live example in the field of digital marketing. One who wants to learn Digital Marketing, first he should have learn the basics of Online Representation. Online representation means he have to know

  1. what is internet and How its work?
  2. what is www?
  3. what is a domain name?
  4. what is a search engine and how its work?
  5. How search engine gathered in formation?
  6. Languages of website Devlopment?
  7. what is CMS Platform and it’s type?
  8. How to do website designing ?
  9. How to do website development with database?
  10. How to index a website on search engine like Google, Bing?
  11. What is SEO?
  12. How to do SEO of a website?
  13. what is social media Otimization?

Courses we provide in digital marketing:-

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