Now a days everyone wants to grow their business through online process. That’s why so many people are growing there business in a digital way by making their websites. But the main thing is they have to do the SEO of their websites to increases the traffic on their website . If you want to know the best SEO techniques then you can scroll down for it:


1.You have to Use so many keywords for SEO page title: If we will think according to the user then you know very well user search for different websites in a different ways. So if we will do SEO of the title page which will be shown on the search engine so for this  we should use multiple keywords in SEO page of title. It will helps you to show your website from different keywords.

3. Search and use SEO  Competitive keyword: As you know that there are so many competitors who are doing their business through online process . But the main thing is by which keyword your competitor is ranking on the first page of search engine. So you should use that keyword by keeping these things in your mind that which keyword will be beneficial for you. You should work on that keyword which will helps you to rank on top by doing SEO on those searching keywords.

2.You should Use SEO internal deep linking: If we will talk about this technique then it is very important technique to increase the traffic of your website and If we will talk about the internal linking then it is one in which we use anchor text link to other pages of your websites because By the help of it user visit to that pages of your websites you want to show to the user. It also helps the Google to index those pages on Google. Similarly Deep linking helps the user to go through deeply of your websites with the help of anchor text.

4. Write The User-Friendly Content: As you know that our 1st focus is on customers who are god for us so you should kept in your mind what customer wants to see in your websites and what information they need from your websites. In other words Your content should be user friendly which is very important. If you will give user friendly and point to point information on your website then user will come again and again on your website. In fact Information should be proper and attractive which attract the customer towards your website.

5. Make some landing pages to optimized SEO: if we will talk about the landing pages then these are those pages which helps you to optimize your website deeply through landing pages. These are those pages which are given in our websites. Like if there is an option of “services” in your website and you have given your services in that option then those pages will called the landing pages. So you should rank your website through landing pages which will helps the user to optimize your website deeply.

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